Boodschap van de Egyptische Godin Isis.

It’s time.
It’s really time.
Time to start listening, learning and creating.
The female energy, female power. Sensitive, with softness, love, with creation-power.
From the womb, the belly, from the base chakra. Together with the Heart-energy. Because this is what we do!
It’s time for women to fly.
So spread your wings, let them carry you.
Fly and still be grounded, deep into the Earth. Connected to the womb-energy of the Earth.
So women unite!
You have the power, the power the change the world.
You don’t have to take over from the men, but teach them.
Show them.
You have unlimited power to create, to heal, to grow.
Trust your power, trust yourself.
Be You.
Unconditionally and Completely.
Because you are needed.

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